O.S. Configuration Performance Tip

Matt Sharkey on

Windows O.S. gives active applications priority over processes by default when assigning threads for execution. This is great for workstations but might not be optimal for database servers. One should periodically review the setting to ensure appropriate environment configuration. Navigate through the control panel to find the advanced performance option. The screenshot below shows where to check on Windows ... Continue reading

Comparing Python, Microsoft R Server and JMP

Victor Ekpoke on
Python, Microsoft R Server, JMP

When building a new data science team, or as a data scientist, you are often tasked to conduct research on analytical softwares that are easy to use and are most accurate in implementing the data strategy of your organization. A lot has been written about data science tools however, these tools are not created equally. Some give more accurate results ... Continue reading

Index Tuning - Choosing the Best Key Order

Matt Sharkey on

When developing indexes to support queries it's important to pay attention to order of the key columns in the index key list. An important factor for determining key order is the type of operator used in the predicate e.g. an equality or range operator. When the predicates are strictly equality then key ordering is not as important. For example, ... Continue reading

Prioritizing Endless Workloads

Matt Sharkey on

Get used to never catching up. There's always something somewhere that needs attending. IT workers are familiar with this predicament. We call it 'technical debt'. How can we prioritize when we are faced with overwhelming demands? It's simple. Prioritize issues with severe business pain and high urgency. I use the model below for guidance: Address issues occurring in quadrant 1& ... Continue reading